How does Byzans work?
Can I read a book on Byzans?
Where do I find the most discussed books?


How do books and clubs relate?
How do I move between different clubs in one book?
What's that lock button in the club?
Where can I see club members list?


What is the difference between the café and the salon?
What are the spoiler rules?
How to mark some text as spoiler in the café?
Somebody posted an inappropriate comment. What should I do?


What's on my home screen and how can I control it?
What are those colored bubles on top of my feed?
How do I join general chats?


I can’t find the book I am looking for
I searched for a book and see many matches in the search results. Which one should I add?
How do I add books in bulk?
Why is there a British flag near my search results?


How do I change the status of a book/club?
How do I remove a book from my library/leave the club?
Is there any way to filter the books in my library?
What's the point in adding the book to Want to read section?
Why is there another book section in some of other users' libraries?


Where do I keep track of what's happening in my clubs?
How do I disable push notifications for a certain club?
What about notifications for lower clubs?


What's on my profile?
What's on other user profiles?
Is there a way to add a user as a friend?
Is my profile visible to everyone?


Why the name “Byzans”?
Can I change the language of Byzans?
How can I support the development of Byzans?
Where do you get the illustrations for Byzans?